Superb Maintenance Services for Heating and Cooling Systems

At Air Conditioning Plus in Colorado Springs, CO, we offer a wide variety of services for residential and commercial HVAC systems. These include outstanding maintenance work on various heating and cooling equipment.

Superb Maintenance Services for Heating and Cooling Systems

At Air Conditioning Plus in Colorado Springs, CO, we offer a wide variety of services for residential and commercial HVAC systems. These include outstanding maintenance work on various heating and cooling equipment.

General HVAC Maintenance

Heating and cooling systems can keep you comfortable in your establishment throughout the year. However, HVAC units such as heat pumps, oil-fired furnaces, and boilers need a professional tune-up done annually to work right while gas-fired equipment can be serviced every other year. Our careful inspections of these devices can uncover problems such as rusting, rotting, or frayed wires.

In boiler and furnace systems, these inspections cover every part of the unit as well as its network, including chimneys, ductworks, dampers or valves, blowers or pumps, registers or radiators, fuel lines, and gas meters or oil tanks. We will run it through a complete heating cycle to make sure that it works right. The heat exchanger and burner will also be cleaned to ensure a smooth operation.

For HVAC devices such as the burner, its efficiency relies on the right adjustments of its flames and flow of gas. Our inspection of the heat pump includes the fan, indoor and outdoor coils, compressor, and refrigerant pressure. Meanwhile, an oil-fired system also depends on fine-tuning its parts as well as the changing of its fuel filter.

Blower Maintenance

Regulating the air distribution of a forced-air system starts with the blower. Its bearings should be lubricated, fan belt adjusted, blades properly cleaned, and motor checked to ensure that the unit isn't being overloaded. Every accessible joint in its pipes should be sealed with mastic or UL-approved duct tapes. Air ducts that are outside the heated space should be insulated.

For a hot-water system, its expansion tank should be drained, the circulating pump should be cleaned and lubricated, and the radiators should be air bled.

Thermostat Maintenance

While thermostats rarely break immediately, they can still degrade over time because of mechanical parts that lose their calibrations. Older devices will send false signals if they've been knocked out of level or have dirty switches. To recalibrate such units, we will use a wrench to adjust the nut on the back of its mercury switch until it turns the system on. Then, we will set it to the correct temperature using a room thermometer.

Modern electronic thermostats don’t have these issues and hardly ever require adjustments. This is because these devices were sealed at its factory to keep out dust and grime. However, the hole where the thermostat wire comes through the wall needs to be sealed whether your thermostat is old or new. This is to prevent a false measurement of room temperature.

Humidifier Maintenance

If an in-duct humidifier is left turned on after the heating season ends, mildew and bacteria can grow in the HVAC unit. You can prevent this by pulling the plug, shutting the water valve, and draining the device. Meanwhile, a humidifier with a water reservoir should be drained then cleaned with a mixture of white vinegar, chlorine bleach, and water or muriatic acid.

Mist-type humidifiers also require regular cleaning to remove any mineral deposits that may form in the unit. Aside from all these, you can also contact us to maintain your humidifier for you.

Filter Maintenance

Whether you want to use the standard filter or upgrade to a media filter, you need to consider which filter matches the blower’s capacity so that the furnace can provide a strong and steady airflow throughout the establishment.

Most houses with forced-air furnaces have standard furnace filters that are made from loosely woven, spun-glass fibers designed to keep it and its ductwork clean. But these won’t affect indoor air quality.

Media filters, on the other hand, are made from a deeply pleated, paper-like material that helps remove dust and other particles better than normal filters. These are usually located between the main return duct and the blower cabinet of the furnace. Media filters can last more than two years because of its increased area of filtration. However, its tight weaves can limit the furnace system’s air distribution around the property.

Air Duct Maintenance

A network of heating and air conditioning ducts is inside the walls and floors of 80 percent of American homes. You can pull off some supply and return vents to find out if these ducts need cleaning. If the furnace will be changed, you need to consider getting your air ducts cleaned since its new blower may stir up the dust gathered in the ducts.

Return ducts suck back airborne dust into the blower as the supply ducts blow air into the rooms. Many filters commonly used today can't keep dust and debris from floating into the air. These particles can form into bigger dust bunnies over time. With the addition of the moisture in the air, this place can become a breeding ground for allergy-inducing molds, mites, and bacteria.

Clean HVAC systems can last longer and perform more efficiently, which may decrease energy costs and reduce costly replacements or repairs. Air Conditioning Plus can provide you with quality services that keep your heating and cooling units in good working condition.


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